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How to engage your customers this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching; this festive season offers you an opportunity to win loyal customers, re-engage inactive ones and create unforgettable brand experiences for your existing client base. If you are looking to bring in more business during the holiday season, here are some simple ways to get started: Deliver value by creating special offerings. […]

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How to increase traffic to your website?

You build your website, and customers start visiting. If only it were that simple! Don’t get me wrong, content is really important for increasing web traffic. But before people can find your website, Google needs to find it first. Keep reading to find out how you could make your website search robot and user friendly. […]

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What Is An SSL Certificate? Do I Need One?

So, you may be developing your own site or trying to get your foot into the tech-space. You’ve come across the phrase, SSL, being juggled around freely and casually, but you might not even know what it is. Hopefully, this article provides all the help you need in understanding the term, the usefulness, and the […]

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4 Things Customers Want To See On Your Website

Your website is your 24/7 storefront. Whether you offer services or sell products, it’s always accessible for customers to reach out to you. It’s there to attract new customers and keep in touch with the existing ones. Let’s see the main things customers want to see on your website. Table of Contents What Do You […]

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What is SEO? And how does it affect my website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the practice of improving a website for search engines (Google, Bing…), in order to increase the quality and quantity of organic (non-paid) traffic to your site. People tend to click on the first page of the search results, and this is where your website needs to be positioned.  […]

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WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress is an Open Souce Content Management System (CMS) which powers more than 35% of websites.  The first version of WordPress was released in 2013, and hasn’t stopped evolving since then.   WordPress is used by individuals but also by big businesses such as Microsoft. So here are a few WordPress Tips and Tricks, in order to have […]

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