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Christmas is fast approaching; this festive season offers you an opportunity to win loyal customers, re-engage inactive ones and create unforgettable brand experiences for your existing client base.

If you are looking to bring in more business during the holiday season, here are some simple ways to get started:

Deliver value by creating special offerings. One effective way of creating buzz around your product or service during Christmas is through customised packages that meet specific customer requirements. For example, if your business provides mobile services, you can introduce mobile phone packages that offer free calls on Christmas day or Xmas discounts on pre-paid mobile internet plans . Not only will this help build curiosity among potential clients, it will let them know that they have a range of options when it comes to dealing with your business during this special season.

Capitalise on the social side of Christmas. People are in the holiday spirit; they want to look their best and indulge themselves in fun activities that will help them unwind after a year’s hard work . Your business can take advantage of this mindset by promoting festive discounts on select services or launching give-away contests for all your Facebook fans/Twitter followers. Not only will these initiatives help you build goodwill among potential consumers, it will also increase sales in an otherwise slow period.

Offer convenience to customers. The busier people become at this time of the year, the more inclined they are towards quick decisions and taking convenient purchasing options. Whether you are selling home appliances, jewellery or clothing, you should look at strategies that simplify the shopping process for your clients. For example, if you own an online department store , spread awareness about your 24-hour helpline numbers so that people can reach out to you whenever they want . This way, even if they realise that the product they were looking for is not available in stock, they will know exactly where to go next.

With Christmas just round the corner , now is the best time to revamp your business strategy and take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage with potential customers. If you want truly outstanding results this season, present yourself as a value-added service provider who cares his/her customers beyond their pockets.

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