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We Don't Use Other People's Servers But Have Our Own

Superfast & Reliable Cloud Hosting

After having developed your website, you’ll need to have it online, on the internet, you can do so by hosting it on a web server. As part of our process, we also offer web hosting in order to make the journey easier for you.

We will build your web hosting server and be available in case of any arising technical issue, you can just sit back and relax.

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    We Offer Two Main Hosting Packages


    £9.99 / Month
    • Disk Space: 15GB
    • Bandwidth: 100GB/Month
    • Domains: 5
    • Subdomains: Unlimited
    • Email Accounts: 5
    • Mailbox Size: 5GB
    • Databases: 5
    • SSL Certificate: Free
    • Daily Virus & Malware Scanning


    £11.99 / Month
    • Disk Space: 35GB
    • Bandwidth: 500GB/Month
    • Domains: 20
    • Subdomains: Unlimited
    • Email Accounts: 20
    • Mailbox Size: 5GB
    • Databases: 20
    • SSL Certificate: Free
    • Daily Virus & Malware Scanning