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Your website is your 24/7 storefront. Whether you offer services or sell products, it’s always accessible for customers to reach out to you.

It’s there to attract new customers and keep in touch with the existing ones. Let’s see the main things customers want to see on your website.

Table of Contents

What Do You Offer?

The first thing your customers will want to see is what you offer. Usually, customers don’t have the time to browse your website, searching for your services. It is important to have this information on the front page, this also helps understand what your business is, and what you do.
But don’t just list your services, think about a little description of each one, and what makes it that they will want to work with you, or buy from you and not someone else.

Make it clear what you offer, and its value. Remember to stay brief, people will not take the time to read paragraphs.

Examples Of Your Work And Services

Once you’ve made sure your products and services are visible to your customers. They will want to see examples of these. If you offer services, have a portfolio where you can showcase the work you’ve done previously. But there are also different ways of doing so. Some people showcase their work on social media for example. It will depend on what you actually offer.

Testimonials will also help your customers know the quality of your services, or the products you offer. Do not hesitate to put them on your website, they can be on your home page at the bottom, or onto your portfolio page for example. If you sell products, have a rating section, so your past customers can leave reviews that will be directly visible by new customers.

Call To Action

Using Calls To Action is a good way of directing your customers to strategic pages/sections. You are basically telling them what to do, so they don’t feel lost. As I said earlier, they will not waste to much time trying to find the information needed around the website. The calls to action should always be visible and clear to the customers.

Contact Information

If a customer visit your website, it’s most likely to get in touch with you. Your contact information should be clear and visible throughout the website. For example, most businesses including us put their contact details in the page footer, or even in the header. You should also have a contact button on your website, in can be in the menu, as long as it’s always visible.

Also make sure you offer multiple contact options, and also list your business’ social media profiles (LinkedInFacebook…)


Now that you know the things customers want to see on your website, you know it’s important to have the right information at the right places on your website. Your site is there to draw customers to your business, not to drive them away.
Keep things simple and clear. They have to know who you are, what you offer, and how to get in touch with you.

If you need help optimising your website to attract more customers, you can get in touch with us. I would be more than glad to help.